About Our Team

Twenty years ago John Radford and Viola Neufeld discovered their common passion for helping individuals to use the inevitable tensions of life for personal change. They’ve been working together as business partners ever since.

Transpectives is known for going beyond resolving conflict to rebuilding trust. They coach leaders to live the change they would inspire in those they serve. Vi and John work together to assess, design and facilitate processes which target critical issues to be leveraged for successful outcomes. They help clients break through entrenched relational barriers and use difference to strengthen collaboration. Though Vi and John share the same perspective on the value of conflict, they each bring a unique angle and approach, and when combined, their facilitation, coaching and training is challenging yet supportive, unsettling yet hopeful and as their clients report, often life-changing.

Viola Neufeld

Co-Founder, M.S.W., R.S.W
As a coach, educator, therapist and facilitator, Vi champions the use of conflict for personal change, fulfilled relationships and dynamic organization. With thirty years of experience in conflict, Vi is known for turning fractured relationships and broken trust into restored hope with new beginnings. She helps those stuck in conflict to get going again by facilitating necessary and often difficult conversations with sensitivity and care.

John Radford

Co-Founder, Ph.D Psychology
For the past three decades John has been helping organizations and leaders across the globe to embrace diversity and uncertainty while leveraging conflict for corporate success and personal leadership growth.   John has specialised in the analysis and facilitation of complex organizational transformation working in the commercial, government, labour and community sectors.

Our Associates

Dagmar Meachem

Associate, ACC

For over 15 years, I have worked with a variety of individuals and businesses, all at different levels of crisis, business models, and personalities. My approach is one of compassionate and focused encouragement, where my clients are held accountable to the goals we set together. What I find is that we all have untapped potential. Our skills and abilities are beyond what we alone can understand, which is why it’s important to have the right kind of support.

Gregory Schroeder

Associate, B. Th. MCS

When people grow, organizations grow. Gregory Schroeder helps people and organizations step through things that hold them back, and into the strengths that empower progress. He connects with leaders through illuminating questions, empathy, and insights that create clarity and transformation. Gregory has interviewed exceptional leaders on 5 continents and spoken to more than 300,000 people to transform leaders, cultures, strategies, operations and outcomes.