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Transpectives offers you an opportunity to go beyond resolving conflict to using your conflict to change your life and the relationships that matter. We offer life coaching, training and supportive community to help you experience conflict as your ally, providing hidden opportunities to understand yourself more and impact relationships positively.

You feel trapped by the destructive patterns in a relationship—it could be with a colleague, partner, parent, sibling or child. This person is important to you and impacts your life. Though the situation causes you pain and you would like it to change, you can’t find a way through. The cost of this relationship stress has become too high—something must change.

Transpectives helps you gain perspective on your conflict, get clarity on what needs to change and take action for a better future.

The Transpectives difference. Transpectives will take you beyond resolving conflict to dealing with the core issues that keep you stuck—providing you with an opportunity for change.

Transpectives Offers:


Leadership conflict coaching. Transpectives is changing the way leaders think about conflict—helping them discover that conflict is strategic to their success. Through our facilitation and programs, you will be empowered to build a work culture in which conflict becomes part of your strategic competitive advantage.

Relationship counseling. You’re tired of being stuck in destructive conflict patterns with a life partner, parent or sibling and can’t find a better way! Transpectives will help you gain perspective, push through limitations, get clarity and take action. Your relationship becomes more life-giving.

Conflict resolution and trust building. We help you use your inner conflict to strengthen those relationships that are stagnant or stuck. The inner conflict experienced when you’re in conflict, is a powerful window into the thoughts and behaviours that limit you from realizing your full potential—and from others experiencing the full value of who you are. In addition to helping you resolve your conflict, we help you use conflict to see who you are, push through your limitations and be who you want to be.

Life coaching. Few people relish conflict and most people prefer to avoid it. We help you increase your capacity to deal with the inevitable conflict in your life. Coaching support helps you use your inner conflict to understand yourself more, and do relationships more successfully.

Advanced conflict training. Rather than simply resolving conflict, Transpectives equips you to understand and use conflict as the leverage to real and sustainable change. Develop the necessary skills and increase your capacity to manage conflict well.