The New Book by Viola Neufeld

​​​If you’re ready to heal personal and mutual sensitivities, gain greater inner peace, and enjoy a relationship with more intimacy and vitality, welcome!
​You’ve come to the right place.

Grateful For The Fight

Using inner conflict to transform yourself and your relationships

By Viola Neufeld

“Don’t waste your conflict.”

Grateful for the Fight goes beyond resolving conflict to using conflict to transform lives. Neufeld cautions that the urgency in today’s society to resolve conflict might be a sophisticated way of bypassing the true value of conflict. If we let it, conflict can be our ally—an unusual window into the self. By investigating our fears and releasing them, we stand to make a true and lasting change that will improve our daily lives and every one of our relationships.

The premise of Grateful for the Fight, Neufeld’s first book, is that if we have the necessary fight with ourselves, we won’t be having unnecessary fights with others—and we will be more equipped to have the necessary ones. Using real case scenarios and personal experiences, Neufeld demonstrates how using outer conflict to work through inner conflict points to a greater capacity for growth and resilience in uncomfortable situations.

If you’re ready to heal personal and mutual sensitivities, gain greater inner peace, and enjoy a relationship with more intimacy and vitality, welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

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A beautifully written, intelligent book that finally unravels one of life’s huge thorns, conflict!  Such a profound read that had me almost looking forward to implementing all the tools I collected while reading this valuable book.  This is a must read for anyone who will ever have any relationship in life, of any kind…okay it’s a must read for everybody!

Ingrid Kandal

President, CEO, BC Health Services Ltd.

“Viola Neufeld breaks vital new ground in how to embrace conflict and reveal its hidden gifts. She walks us through the process patiently, gently. Along the way we become able to relax, breathe, heal and grow in ways we never thought possible. We come to realize, with wonder, that the transformations we seek actually require conflict. And that changes everything. I’d say that you need this book, but it’s more accurate to say that the world needs this book!”

Raphael Cushnir

Author of The One Thing Holding You Back

“Grateful for the Fight is a radical move away from viewing conflict as a problem to be solved. In this revolutionary book, Neufeld helps us understand how conflict is both an invaluable tool for self-discovery and a window into our key relationships. Her practical guide for turning paralyzing conflict into an opportunity for change, makes this book a must read for every leader.”

Nancy MacKay

CEO, MacKay CEO Forums

“Most of us struggle with conflict in one form or another, be it internal or external. Grateful for the Fight is a journey in self-awareness that provides perspectives to understand why we fear conflict, and tools to approach it with curiosity. Vi Neufeld has 30 years experience in this field. Trust that there is value in this process and you will never approach conflict in the same way again.  I wish I had read this book 20 years ago.”

Kathy Troupe

Executive Director, ACETECH

“In reading Grateful for the Fight, I found it hard to put down and my copy is full of highlighted passages. The real-life examples and intricate breakdown of conflict patterns is especially insightful and eye-opening. Vi has a brilliant way of stopping you dead in your tracks with truth. Grateful for the Fight encourages you to enter into conflict with the intent of extracting valuable information about yourself and your partner. It gives you the tools to accumulatively improve (and heal) yourself in the face of conflict. Embracing scary uncomfortable feelings, and often bringing out the worst in yourself, is not easy to face and acknowledge. This book is a terrific reference and comfort in knowing you can do it and are not alone in your conflict patterns. A highly recommended read!”

Carolyn Douglas

Founder & CEO, Intranet Software