Gregory Schroeder

Associate, B. Th. MCS

When people grow, organizations grow. Gregory Schroeder helps people and organizations step through things that hold them back, and into the strengths that empower progress. He connects with leaders through illuminating questions, empathy, and insights that create clarity and transformation. Gregory has interviewed exceptional leaders on 5 continents and spoken to more than 300,000 people to transform leaders, cultures, strategies, operations and outcomes.

Looking at problems and opportunities through the lenses of vision, values and skills Gregory helps leaders move forward and draw their teams in and ahead.

Gregory has led and facilitated:

  • Corporate leadership assessment and the development of skills in execution, influence, relationship building and strategic thinking.
  • Corporate culture that develops values and improves effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Stakeholder input and strategic planning (as in the innovative and award-winning Northern Lights School Division)
  • Reconciliation and collaboration events in Rwanda after the genocide,
  • Board leadership development and training.

“Gregory Schroeder has unusual facility in both the conceptual and the practical, in both the philosophical and the concrete, and he is at his best distilling the fruit of his considerable learning and experience into motivational and inspiring communication and coaching. He has penetrating insight into foundational issues that drive human behaviour, and is able to creatively help others envision options to move beyond the blockages in life. His inquisitive and creative mind, combined with broad reading, travel and experience, enables him to quickly and meaningfully engage a very broad spectrum of people and circumstances. He is a person of generosity and empathy.”

With business associates, friends or family, Gregory values curiosity, authenticity, adventure and growth.

Gregory is close to his grown children and 3 grandchildren. He and his wife Alissa love backpacking and travel to places brimming with history, culture and natural beauty.