Grateful For The Fight | Reviews

“Most of us struggle with conflict in one form or another, be it internal or external. Grateful for the Fight is a journey in self-awareness that provides perspectives to understand why we fear conflict, and tools to approach it with curiosity. Vi Neufeld has 30 years experience in this field. Trust that there is value in this process and you will never approach conflict in the same way again.  I wish I had read this book 20 years ago.”

Kathy Troupe

Executive Director, ACETECH

“Viola Neufeld breaks vital new ground in how to embrace conflict and reveal its hidden gifts. She walks us through the process patiently, gently. Along the way we become able to relax, breathe, heal and grow in ways we never thought possible. We come to realize, with wonder, that the transformations we seek actually require conflict. And that changes everything. I’d say that you need this book, but it’s more accurate to say that the world needs this book!”

Raphael Cushnir

Author of The One Thing Holding You Back

“Grateful for the Fight is a radical move away from viewing conflict as a problem to be solved. In this revolutionary book, Neufeld helps us understand how conflict is both an invaluable tool for self-discovery and a window into our key relationships. Her practical guide for turning paralyzing conflict into an opportunity for change, makes this book a must read for every leader.”

Nancy MacKay

CEO, MacKay CEO Forums

Our Clients | Testimonials


“I just wanted to let you both know how grateful I am for your guidance and direction over the past several weeks. We shouldn’t have waited so long! I think we all needed it, and we are all better for it. I am so amazed at how quickly things can change…just like you said they might. Things are falling into place and a massive burden has been lifted. The business partners are working out a plan that (so far) is agreeable to all. A few days ago I wouldn’t have been able to imagine this happening. I don’t think this would have been possible without you both. Right now we have such hope for the family relationships and the future of the businesses. I send this with such gratitude…
Thank you.”

I have had the privilege of experiencing the work of each of John Radford and Vi Neufeld in a variety of settings including mediations, reconciliation sessions, team building, counselling and more. These two professionals make a great team. John’s calm and steady demeanor allows him to enter into and defuse high conflict situations with grace and efficacy. He brings a wealth of experience and much creativity to his work. Vi is an energetic, courageous and very resourceful facilitator who can help parties open up internal challenges and work through them with lasting effect. I would recommend both John and Vi, individually and collectively, for conflict resolution, team building and leadership development work.

Peter Mogan

John and Vi have been instrumental in assisting me with a momentous shift toward a growth and succession plan for my business. Several years ago I approached John and Vi to help me identify and align my company strategy with my personal goals and vision. At the time I was undergoing issues with effective leadership and ways in which to handle conflict and strategic management planning. Together they each contributed insights and guidance in equipping me with the tools to lead with a consistent, authentic and empathetic approach. Vi in particular has helped me build a bridge between my communication needs in running a successful software company to handling personal relationships and family dynamics. There is no question my experience with Transpectives has been an extremely rewarding investment both on a corporate and personal level.

Carolyn Douglas
Founder,  Intranet Connections

“Vi and John facilitated a restoration group of about 20 people of which I was a part. Trust had been broken. The success of that process gave me reason to trust Vi’s approach to coaching, counselling and mediating. My husband and I went to her for counseling to ensure our marital health, I have referred numerous couples to her, and we send leaders from our organization to her for ongoing coaching. Due to the positive outcomes, I would highly recommend Vi.”


This is the best “know yourself in conflict workshop” I have ever taken.

Dionne Savill
Director, Governance
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

For the last 3 years John has provided a safe place to discuss and discern the difficult matters that I have faced. He provides great insight in the area of dealing and engaging with fellow workers—he brings great balance and understanding to the issues. When appropriate, he also willingly shares his personal life’s experiences adding tremendous value to certain conversations. I enjoy his transparency.

Jim Barkman
CEO, Eagle West Cranes

I give my highest of recommendations for John as a coach, mentor and conflict consultant. John has coached me through some of my own leadership transitions and we have worked together on a couple of projects relating to relationship renewal and leadership transitions. John brings experience and creativity into his consulting with great results. He is a gifted teacher and communicator which is a great asset in this line of work.

Craig Kraft
Outreach Canada Executive Director
Global Alliance Guidance Team Member at OC International

 Vi is trustworthy, warm, compassionate and tremendously insightful in her counsel. I owe many of my triumphs in life to Vi. I couldn’t recommend her services more.

Geri K.
Owner, GN Consulting

John Radford has been my personal coach for almost 5 years now and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without his support and guidance. When I first came to John I was in a serious crisis situation. And so for the following 2 years, via skype and from across the world, John provided a safe and empowering space for me to move forward, to navigate and overcome my incredible life challenges. He supported me every step of the way and provided hope and a future at a time when I couldn’t see it.

Today I have started my own coaching business thanks to John, and continue to be empowered by his caring, thoughtful and humble approach to making a difference in people’s lives.

Dagmar Meachem
Life Coach | EQ Facilitator
Courage Space