Managing conflict well is not a natural skill, but it is a skill which can be taught and learned.  Transpectives' conflict training programs are designed to result in a "hot cognition" where the head and heart combine to produce real change. Our goal at Transpectives is to help you increase your capacity to do conflict well.


Conflict as a Strategic Advantage

Transpectives is a boutique consultancy focused on the utilization of conflict as a key leverage point for strategic advantage. In a era when the ability to innovate at every organizational interface has never been more important, we help leaders move from simplistic conflict resolution to embracing conflict as part of the DNA of successful organization. We will help you identify the necessary conflict which is key to sustained innovation in every interaction in your critical service value chains.

Relational DNA? as the Leverage Point

We work with your leadership to identify the executive team Relational DNA? as it pertains to the delivery of strategic goals. This is done through individual interviews resulting in a Relational DNA? Strategic Action Report that is utilized by us to facilitate the crucial conversations required to unlock the real potential of your key team. Beginning with the CEO and her/his team, we then work with those executive managers who want to take their own teams to the next level.

Building Healthy DNA

In addition to working directly with the key leaders in your Company we have identified a number of key training workshops that will reinforce your Relational DNA? changes. These include:

  • Engaging Conflict Strategically
  • Engaging Difficult Conversations
  • Engaging Difficult Behaviour
  • Engaging Self in Conflict
  • Rebuilding Workplace Trust

Visit our Conflict Training page to view our upcoming Transpectives Conflict Workshops

Is it a Fit?

Give us a half hour of your time and you’ll get a good sense of who we are, how we work and how we can best meet your specific needs. Then you decide if what we deliver could make a valuable difference for your organization.


Through Family Business Edge, Transpectives’ services ensure the continued success of your family owned business by helping you to build both healthy family and resilient business in an increasingly competitive world.

Families for the most part are a source of joy. However, if a family that owns a business has a problem, the experience is anything but joyful with relationships rapidly becoming complex and messy. Achieving prosperity and serenity in a family business environment requires skilful and innovative solutions for some complex problems. The kinds of issues we help our clients with are: intergenerational conflict, asset distribution following divorce or death, bringing children into the business, sibling and marital conflict and utilizing family values to enhance the business shared values.

Although Transpectives is often called in when family businesses are in crisis we encourage our clients to be proactive by building capacity to manage conflict when there is less urgency. We are often used in family business retreats to help both family and non-family members build a clear path for future success.

Is your family facing any of these challenges?

  • Strategic planning with attention to family dynamics - Why are we here? What are we doing? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? Will we get there together? Who wants out?
  • The elephant in the room - Solving those resilient problems that are difficult to even talk about.
  • Maintaining Balanced and Respectful Relationships – Being fair, realistic, loving and supportive in our individual, family and business needs and interests
  • Strategic Happiness - Satisfying everybody’s needs for happiness, health and wealth
  • Transition Management – Leadership, Succession, Exit – having a plan for contingencies when the unexpected happens.

If you know your family needs help maybe its time to talk to a Transpectives business coach. We know how to look at the whole picture, not only the needs of the business but the individuals, their dreams, their roles and their needs.


Coaching affords you the assistance exactly when it most welcome; when you are in the midst of the conflict. Develop the necessary skills and increase your capacity to manage conflict well. Coaching can make the difference between improving and worsening a situation. You begin to see options and possibilities that were previously unknown or perhaps were known but were unclear in how to implement them. Coaching also affords you the opportunity of being held accountable and encourages you to take action.


  • I can't see this problem disappearing because the person who is causing the problem is not about to change. I'm miserable and I feel trapped. How do I best manage myself in this situation?
  • Why does this keep happening to me? Even though the people and the situation are a little different, it feels like I've been here before. I'm the common denominator but I don't get it.
  • I'm tempted to play it safe and not risk addressing the situation in case I make it worse. Yet another part of me knows that avoiding this conflict is also not the answer to my dilemma. My stomach turns as I think about this.
  • The battle of the sexes! We definitely do come from different planets. Help!
  • Sometimes it's like I'm my own worst enemy. People say that I am hard on myself. I blame myself and get down on myself. At other times I want to blame someone else for the bad things that happen to me.
  • I feel like we've reached an impasse and don't know what to do next.
  • Sometimes I don't even understand myself. This conflict has me confused and I'm doubting myself.
  • How do I go on when I've been treated so miserably? My friend has told me to forgive and forget and move on. But I'm afraid that if I let go of the resentment, there's a good chance that it will happen again.
  • I feel like it's all up to me.
  • Something's got to give because this is costing me my health.
  • It's out of control and I feel powerless and helpless. I wish I had some perspective on my situation.

Transpectives can help you work through problematic situations like these. Coaching affords you the opportunity of addressing issues in a one on one private telephone or in person consultation.


Coaching affords you support as you face the inevitable conflict in everyday life. Managing conflict well is a challenge at the best of times. Though conflict is often the entry point where your world intersects with ours at Transpectives, we don't stay there. In partnership with you, we troubleshoot, isolate the areas to be targeted and determine a plan to reach the desired outcome. It's all about being effective with people!

Though the coaching focus is on the present and the future, the past is addressed when it persists in polluting the present or prevents you from moving forward. The outcome of effective coaching is a new perspective on yourself, the "other" or your situation, increased clarity, a new sense of direction and increased performance. Success is moving forward in faith rather than reacting out of fear. Good coaching is about the right balance between support and challenge.

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Transpectives Executive Coaching Summary: Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada experiences executive coaches John Radford and Viola Neufeld bring over 40 years combined experience in executive coaching to help you manage conflict well. Conflict coaching training options include workshops, seminars, and retreats. Find executive coaching, executive coaching training, workplace coaching, life coaching, and conflict coaching.