Transpectives is a professional coaching, mediation and leadership training company specializing in personal, family and business conflict. We will take you beyond that which keeps you stuck relationally to a whole new way of using your conflict to change your life.

For You

You feel trapped by the destructive patterns in a relationship—it could be with a colleague, partner, parent, sibling or child. This person is important to you and impacts your life. Though the situation causes you pain and you would like it to change, you can’t find a way through. The cost of this relationship stress has become too high—something must change.

Transpectives helps you gain perspective on your conflict, get clarity on what needs to change and take action for a better future.

The Transpectives difference. Transpectives difference. Transpectives will take you beyond resolving conflict to dealing with the core issues that keep you stuck—providing you with an opportunity for change.

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For Your Family

You have little desire to be together and experience tension when you are together; yet you feel that you must maintain the family unit. Since you don’t know what to do, you avoid contact as much as possible. But you want this to change.

Transpectives identifies the key conversations that need to happen, helps you navigate the messy family dynamics and supports you as you develop healthier patterns.

The Transpectives difference. Going beyond simply resolving conflict, Transpectives helps you address the underlying drivers that maintain the conflict between you and the other. You come to understand yourself and the other in new ways. As you adopt new behaviors and find options previously unseen, your desire to be together is increased – or you are at peace with being apart.

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For Your Organization

You know you are stuck in conflict because critical decisions are being stalled or suspended. Transpectives helps you turn conflict headaches into opportunities for shaping a successful organization culture. Our customized Relational DNA® assessment will enable you use relational tensions to build the company culture that will optimize your competitive edge.

Transpectives helps you gain perspective on the conflict, efficiently and effectively get to the conflict issues that will not only release your business to perform, but also help you to build capacity to better deal with the next conflict. Transpectives focuses on the utilization of conflict as a key leverage point for strategic advantage.

The Transpectives difference. Since innovating at every organizational interface has never been more important, we help leaders move from simplistic conflict resolution, to embracing conflict as part of the DNA of successful organization.

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