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The CEO Edge Podcast

Featured Guest: John Radford

With Nancy MacKay

John Radford, Co-Owner, Transpectives Inc. and the 2019 Winner of Canada’s Trusted Advisor Award for CEOs and Owners of Family Businesses, shares a concrete tool that CEOs can use when they are stressed and overwhelmed, to help show up as your best self rather than reacting in a triggered state. Called the 3Gs Dance – Go In, Go Up, Go Out, John explains each step and how it ultimately helps you to move forward with new confidence to meet your desired outcomes.

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Relationships Alive Podcast

Featured Guest: Viola Neufeld

With Niel Sattin

Conflict in relationship is often viewed as a bad thing. It’s uncomfortable. It’s tense. It makes us feel bad, and often makes our partners feel bad too. But what if you’re missing out on an opportunity? Like two tectonic plates rubbing against each other, two people butting heads in relationship might be just the moment where something new forms within that relationship. And within you. That’s the view of this week’s guest, Viola Neufeld.

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2019 CEO Trusted Advisor Award

John Radford: 2019 Winner Advisors to CEOs/Owners of Family Businesses

We are pleased to announce this year’s winners of Canada’s CEO Trusted Advisor Awards program.

Canada’s Trusted Advisor Awards program recognizes the significant contribution that CEO Trusted Advisors make, in the leadership field, to the success of the Canadian business community. Founded by MacKay CEO Forums, Canada’s CTA program runs in conjunction with our annual EDGE Summit and recognizes the country’s most Inspiring CEO Trusted Advisors in the leadership field.


Transpectives Consulting Inc.

Transpectives Consulting is a professional coaching, mediation and leadership training company specializing in using conflict to leverage change in your personal, family or business life.   We will take you beyond that which keeps you stuck relationally to a whole new way of using your conflict to change your life.

John Radford and Viola Neufeld, the team at Transpectives Consulting,  have a passion for ongoing transformation—helping individuals to use the inevitable tensions of life for personal change. They go beyond resolving conflict to rebuilding trust. They coach leaders to live the change they would inspire in those they serve. Vi and John work together to assess, design and facilitate processes which target critical issues to be leveraged for successful outcomes. They help clients break through entrenched relational barriers and use difference to strengthen collaboration. Transpectives Consulting is known for going beyond resolving conflict to rebuilding trust. Though they share the same perspective on the value of conflict, Vi and John each bring a unique angle and approach, and when combined, their facilitation, coaching and training is challenging yet supportive, unsettling yet hopeful and as their clients report, often life-changing.

For You

Transpectives offers you an opportunity to go beyond resolving conflict to using your conflict to change your life and the relationships that matter. We offer life coaching, training and supportive community to help you experience…

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For Your Family

Transpectives offers you an opportunity to change the relationships you have with your family, or to find peace in your circumstances.  You have little desire to be together and experience tension when you are together…

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For Your Organization

Transpectives helps you turn conflict headaches into opportunities for shaping a successful organization culture.  You know you are stuck in conflict because critical decisions are being stalled or suspended. Our customized…

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Our Mission
Transpectives helps you use your inner conflict to understand yourself more and do relationships better.

Our Clients

I have had the privilege of experiencing the work of each of John Radford and Vi Neufeld in a variety of settings including mediations, reconciliation sessions, team building, counselling and more. These two professionals make a great team. John’s calm and steady demeanor allows him to enter into and defuse high conflict situations with grace and efficacy. He brings a wealth of experience and much creativity to his work. Vi is an energetic, courageous and very resourceful facilitator who can help parties open up internal challenges and work through them with lasting effect. I would recommend both John and Vi, individually and collectively, for conflict resolution, team building and leadership development work.

Peter Mogan


John and Vi have been instrumental in assisting me with a momentous shift toward a growth and succession plan for my business. Several years ago I approached John and Vi to help me identify and align my company strategy with my personal goals and vision. At the time I was undergoing issues with effective leadership and ways in which to handle conflict and strategic management planning. Together they each contributed insights and guidance in equipping me with the tools to lead with a consistent, authentic and empathetic approach. Read more.

Carolyn Douglas

Founder, Intranet Connections

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The New Book By Viola Neufeld

Grateful For The Fight

Using inner conflict to transform yourself and your relationships

By Viola Neufeld

“Don’t waste your conflict.”

Grateful for the Fight goes beyond resolving conflict to using conflict to transform lives. Neufeld cautions that the urgency in today’s society to resolve conflict might be a sophisticated way of bypassing the true value of conflict. If we let it, conflict can be our ally—an unusual window into the self. By investigating our fears and releasing them, we stand to make a true and lasting change that will improve our daily lives and every one of our relationships. Read more. 


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